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Construct a thermal plant equipment from the sandwich panels...

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A new type of sandwich panels of the PC Vesta...

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Industry & Construction Corporation «Pulkovo» (St. Petersburg) has signed a contract with well-known «Mars» on the construction of a confectionery factory in Ulyanovsk region. KTC «Pulkovo» to be mounted before the end of 2008 the building complex, consisting of the production building area of more than 10 thousand square meters. meters, the administrative building, power and water treatment buildings. Enterprises Corporation - factory of metal JSC «Aeroportstroy» and CJSC «Petropanel» - produced and supplied to the building site and construction of metal sandwich panels. In addition, the KTC «Pulkovo» has made a commitment to deliver and install all the other elements of buildings, including the reinforced concrete floor slabs, fire walls and roof. Installation of a confectionery factory will start in the second half of July. The company «Mars», the world-famous manufacturer of confectionery products, including Mars candy bars, and Bounty, there are strict internal standards of safety, environment, sanitation and hygiene. KTC «Pulkovo» during construction will withstand them strictly.
Industrial Construction Corporation «Pulkovo» - leading company in the North-West Russia, acting on its own the entire complex of works on the design, manufacture and installation of any industrial and civil buildings, using metal structures and sandwich panels. The annual volume of works and services of nearly 3 billion rubles. KTC «Pulkovo» recognized the winners of the "Made in St. Petersburg" and "Business, developing region, held under the auspices of the Governments of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The Corporation became a row, twice a winner of the annual St. Petersburg professional competition «Stroitel year»: in 2006 - in the nomination «The best company in the construction of commercial real estate and industrial objects», on the basis of 2007-th - in the nomination «The commercial and industrial construction». Incoming holding company ZAO Petropanel was awarded the rank of X student competition of the Russian Government in terms of quality. The basis of the corporation constituted ZAO «Petropanel» (factory to produce sandwich panels) and OJSC «Aeroportstroy», with a 66-year-old genpodryadny experience of the construction of industrial and civilian targets. The composition of KTC «Pulkovo» also includes modern design office, a factory of metal structures of up to 2000 tons a month, the enterprise for the production of fire doors, windows and doors of metal, of ready-mixed concrete and mortar.
Source: PRESS SERVICE KTC «Pulkovo»

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