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Construct a thermal plant equipment from the sandwich panels...

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A new type of sandwich panels of the PC Vesta...

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General Information

Sandwich Panels 2009,

10 - 12 november, 2009
Crocus EXPO, Moscow.

The exhibition Sandwich Panels is a highly professional project. The worlds leading manufacturers of sandwich panels, equipment for their production and component parts and additional materials are available at one site.

Sandwich Panels exhibition is one of the sections of the International Building Salon implemented under the national project Available and Comfortable Housing to the Russian People under the guidance of Rosstroy RF.

The results of the exhibition of 2008 demonstrated a great interest of visitors in Sandwich Panels. The four exhibition days have attracted over 7,000 visitors from Moscow, Russian regions and foreign countries.

The participants of Sandwich Panels deeply appreciated the exposition.

JSC Kireevsky ZLMK and subsidiary Stal Panel LLC took part in the exhibition International Building Salon 2007, Sandwich Panels section. At the opening days, our site was attended by directors and experts of the building industry, potential customers of the construction industry including major contractors, customers in the civil and industrial engineering, chiefs of various building and repair and construction companies, planners and representatives from the wholesale trading companies. Thus, the participation in this exhibition helped to promote our products at the home and foreign markets, establish new and strengthen the existing interregional commercial and economic relations, establish business contacts with consumers, and develop the image advertising and strengthen the companys brand. We would like to express our gratitude to the organizational committee in the person of the International Fairs Agency, IFA for their assistance and support during the exhibition implementation and its perfect organization.

In 2009, the topic of the exhibition Sandwich Panels will be more broad, so that in addition to sandwich panels the exposition will include equipment for the sandwich panel production and accessories.

Exhibition sections:

  • Sandwich panel manufacturers
  • Machinery for sandwich panel production
  • Accessories
  • Fasteners
  • Rapidly erecting buildings

A number of seminars and conferences devoted to sandwich panels that will consider their standardization and certification, will be held within the exhibitions framework. The events will enjoy the support from Rosstroy RF, Russian Builders Association and All-Russian Association of Metal Constructors. Rambler's Top100