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News of Exhibition


By Kaluga will produce parquet...

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The shell of coconut is also finishing material...

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13/08/2008 By Kaluga will produce parquet

11/08/2008 The shell of coconut is also finishing material

24/07/2008 UNION - 21: Interior DOORS IN THE NEW DIMENSION!

09/06/2008 Funny savings

09/06/2008 The symbol of France - Eiffel Tower - in 2009, is celebrating its 120 anniversary

26/03/2008 Parade Chairs

26/03/2008 Furniture assembly held

15/01/2008 Company STROMDIZAYN - participant Interior World - c January 15, invites everyone to get acquainted with new collections of Arlin!

14/12/2007 Architectural Competition «Il Bagno & Beyond» within the framework of the exhibition «Bathroom and Ceramics»

23/10/2007 Expocentre - the center of Building

23/10/2007 Expocentr - Center Building

03/10/2007 Presentation of designs from the company «ANTARA»

14/08/2007 Company Vernichi - the participant of an exhibition " the International building salon "

14/08/2007 Company Vernichi - participant of the exhibition "International Building Salon 2007"

16/07/2007 Within the limits of Salon will pass a number of presentations and scientifically-practical conferences under home nursing Rosstroy the Russian Federation

16/07/2007 As part of the Salon will host a series of presentations and scientific and practical conferences under the patronage of Rosstroya Russia

21/06/2007 Roundtable WGA "Motels in Russia. Perspektiva, design, construction and equipment."

21/06/2007 Round table RHA "Motels in Russia. Prospect, designing, construction, equipment. "

07/06/2007 Saint Petersburg Institute of Architecture and Construction - 175 years

07/06/2007 To the Petersburg architecturally-building institute - 175 years.

29/05/2007 The Mir Parketa Company an exhibition " International Building Salon "

29/05/2007 World parquet at the exhibition "International Building Salon"

22/05/2007 To enter into a picture.

22/05/2007 Enter the picture

22/01/2007 In the State Historical Museum the exhibition «on the waves of our minds»


13/10/2006 Dear ladies and gentlemen! OIKOS company the leading producer of the Italian decorative paints and plaster would like to welcome you to the presentation of the two products Encanto and Duca Di Venezia, taking place on 10 November 2006, at 3 to 5 p.m. (IEC Crocus-Expo, Pavilion 1, Conference Hall 4).

13/10/2006 Ladies and Gentlemen! Company OIKOS - a leading Italian manufacturer of decorative paints and plasters is honored to invite you to the presentation of two new products Encanto and Duca Di Venezia. November 10, 2006 from 15:00 to 17:00 (IEC «Crocus-Expo», pavilion 1, conference room number 4)

09/10/2006 Ladies and gentlemen! the International Building Salon participant, LLC TM GRANDECOR would like to welcome you to the press conference Wooden decor recent trends in the interior design. Dreams of harmonic and beautiful life are feasible! We are waiting for you on 10 October, at 2 p.m., Conference Hall 4

09/10/2006 Ladies and gentlemen! Member of the International Building Exhibition Ltd. TD «GRANDEKOR» invites you to a press-conference «wooden decoration - current trends in interior design». The dream to live in the realm of harmony and beauty is feasible! We look forward to welcoming you on 10 October at 14:00 in Conference Room number 4

14/09/2006 XTERIO new collection of the exterior polyurethane moulding for facade design!

14/09/2006 XTERIO - new collection of polyurethane stucco facades for registration! Rambler's Top100