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News of Exhibition


Ltd. "CC" Strategy and Parity "has opened its facilities for the production of ventilated front under a decorative stone...

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In the Irkutsk region build cement factory...

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In the 3 areas of Russia built a factory for brick production...

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16/09/2008 Ltd. "CC" Strategy and Parity "has opened its facilities for the production of ventilated front under a decorative stone

16/09/2008 In the Irkutsk region build cement factory

16/09/2008 In the 3 areas of Russia built a factory for brick production

16/09/2008 In the Ivanovo Region built a factory for the production of rolled steel

05/09/2008 The "Cronos" increases the volume of production

11/08/2008 Cement Trap

23/07/2008 Medvedev seeks to implement the plans for housing construction this year


30/05/2008 Products CC HEXENE TM IZOSPAN "on TV

30/05/2008 Company PREFA represents aluminum roofing PreFalz color Patinirovannaya copper "(Kupferantik)

30/05/2008 ONDULINE launching a new trademark for podkrovelnyh paroizolyatsionnyh and breathing membrane "Ondutis"

29/05/2008 Plans TechnoNICOL corporation for the year

20/05/2008 Russian Association of manufacturers of extruded polystyrene foam RAPEKS (RAPEX) held its first Press Conference

20/05/2008 Sandwich panels - SCOPE AND FEATURES

04/05/2008 «SZNK-Concrete» bought the longest concrete pump in the North West


26/02/2008 The program "Affordable and Comfortable Housing - to citizens of Russia" in 2008 in the west of the capital built over a million square meters of housing

09/11/2007 According to recommendations Rosstroya RF

23/10/2007 Expocentre - the center of Building

23/10/2007 Expocentr - Center Building

04/10/2007 Free advice on residential construction

16/07/2007 Within the limits of Salon will pass a number of presentations and scientifically-practical conferences under home nursing Rosstroy the Russian Federation

16/07/2007 As part of the Salon will host a series of presentations and scientific and practical conferences under the patronage of Rosstroya Russia

28/06/2007 80 500 roubles in a gift to each participant of 1-st in the world of an exhibition a Sandwich-panels!

28/06/2007 80 500 rubles as a gift to every participant in the 1 st in the world of sandwich panels!

21/06/2007 Roundtable WGA "Motels in Russia. Perspektiva, design, construction and equipment."

21/06/2007 Round table RHA "Motels in Russia. Prospect, designing, construction, equipment. "

21/06/2007 Company Lindab builds the future in Russia.

21/06/2007 Lindab company builds future in Russia

20/06/2007 Okhta of Forms represents the companies bolts for a sandwich-panels, unique under the characteristics.

20/06/2007 Companies Okhta form is samorezy for sandwich panels, unique in its characteristics

07/06/2007 Ekaterinburg built housing

07/06/2007 Ekaterinburg will build up with habitation.

07/06/2007 In Tver 1-st line a sandwich-panels has started to work.

07/06/2007 In Tver started 1 st line of sandwich panels

23/05/2007 On May, 25rd the presentation of 1-st takes place in the world of an exhibition a sandwich-panels in St.-Petersburg.

23/05/2007 May 25, a presentation of the 1 st in the world of sandwich panels in St. Petersburg

04/05/2007 Dmitry Kropivnitskogo's open seminar for experts of branch a sandwich-panels takes place on October, 12th, 2007.

04/05/2007 Open seminar Dmitry Kropiwnicki for specialists sandwich panels will be held on 12 October 2007

16/04/2007 Seminar of company ASTRON.

16/04/2007 Seminar by ASTRON - European leader in the design and manufacture of metal buildings polnokomplektnyh

16/11/2006 November 9, for the BTE with the success of the conference "New: in the design, construction and operation of fronts", organized Gosstroy Russia!

19/09/2006 Building Technologies magazine, Media Sponsor of the Building Technologies and Engineering section, announces the new academic year at the Foremen School training center. Foremen School is the innovative training center of the state-of-the art building technologies established to raise the skill level of chiefs, foremen, private contractors, customers representatives, architects and young specialists!

19/09/2006 Sponsor Information section "Construction Technology & Engineering Systems" - magazine "Building Technologies" announced the beginning of the new academic year, the Education Center School foreman " «School Foreman» - a new training center of modern building technologies created to improve the skills of managers of firms, foreman, private contractors, the clients, architects, as well as young professionals!

15/09/2006 Rosstroy began a project to modernize the infrastructure of housing and communal services

15/09/2006 Rosstroy has launched the project on the improvement of housing and communal services infrastructure Rambler's Top100