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Lighting Equipment

  • bulbs, auto bulbs for cars, trucks, motorbikes
  • lamps for TV, stage, photo and optics
  • illuminators and illuminating systems
  • street lighting, traffic lights
  • searchlights D 110 wall lamps
  • built in and attached illuminators
  • street lighting, street lamps
  • collimated lights
  • special lamps and lighting systems for theatre, opera, museums, disco, etc.

Interior Lighting

  • Chandeliers
  • Lamp brackets
  • Table lamps

Special Lighting

  • Special effects
  • Optoelectronic light modules
  • Underwater searchlights
  • Low-voltage systems
  • LED-modules СИД-Модули
  • Illumination and light sources for bacteriological study
  • Illuminators with motion sensors
  • Alarm
  • Emergency and evacuation lighting

“Intelligent” Lighting Systems


  • Electronic components for lighting engineering
  • Componentry
  • Chandelier componentry
  • Motor-starting devices (MSD) for fluorescent lamps
  • Electronic MSD for fluorescent lamps
  • MSD for gas-discharge lamps /MHL (metal-halide lamps), HPSVL (high-pressure sodium-vapor lamps), MAL(mercury arc lamps)/
  • Metal-halide lamps
  • Controlled electronic MSD


  • Transformers for halogen lamps
  • Electronic transformers for halogen lamps

Low-Voltage Wiring Devices

  • Wiring products and safety devices
  • Distributors
  • Wiring devices and systems components
  • Fixing devices
  • Wiring devices for cabining
  • Wiring products for devices and illuminators and their elements
  • Low-power devices
  • Lighting busducts

Wires and Cables

Switching units, devices and industrial low-voltage controlling devices

  • Insulators, power switches, engine safeguard switches
  • Safety devices, relays
  • Bracket and current distributor
  • Programmable controllers
  • Power distribution, low-voltage switchgear
  • Average-voltage switchgear
  • Collecting bars, distribution cabinets
  • Power semiconductor engineering
  • Receiving antennas and broadband switchgear

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