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The International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo is designed and constructed in compliance with the highest international architectural standards using modern building materials. Its main focus is set on the implementation of various kinds of major international exhibitions with the Russian and foreign companies participation.
Currently, Crocus Expo is one of the largest and most promising exhibition venues in Russia. The indoor exhibition area of its two pavilions covers 86,800 square meters, while the outdoor areas cover 66,500 square meters.

The two exhibition center pavilions consist of eleven exposition halls (pavilion 1[27,550 sq.m.], pavilion 2 [59,200 sq.m.]), their technical equipment meets the current international standards, thirteen conference halls (pavilion 1, 2) well equipped for the implementation of various congress events, presentations, seminars and nine negotiation rooms, the buildings height up to the ceilings is 9.3 meters, mounting gates width is 7,00 meters.
IEC Crocus Expo has a developed infrastructure: Sberbank and Crocus Bank branch offices, as well as service centers, food courts, cafes and restaurants (pavilions 1 and 2), taxi office, cloakroom, customs post and lifting service are located at the exhibition pavilions.

The general-purpose multimedia terminals better orienting visitors of IEC Crocus Expo both within the exhibition pavilions and at certain expositions are located near all exhibition hall entrances and at the food courts.

The latest safety systems will guarantee to the organizers and exhibitors comfortable working conditions on the exhibition days and during mounting and dismantling. Security services apply to all exhibitions but at the same time exhibitors are able to order an individual guarding for their stands.

It is easy to get to Crocus by metro (the nearest stations are Tushinskaya, Planernaya, Molodezhnaya) and by car. The exhibition center is located on the outer side of MKAD (65-66 km.) which is convenient both for heavy vehicles and cars. In the near future, after the necessary road junction construction, car owners will be able to get to Crocus from the MKADs inner side.

It is worth mentioning a free parking area with 20,000 stalls opposite Crocus Expo that more than once enjoyed appreciation from exhibitions organizers, participants and visitors.

Besides, on the exhibition days the Crocus Expo transportation department organizes a prompt round-trip transport of visitors from Planernaya and Tushinskaya stations.

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