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News of Exhibition


SU-155 bought the plant for the production of ceramic tiles in Latvia...

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Sanitec and Russian Della created joint venture for the production of sanitary ware...

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OAO Stroyfarfor "has developed a new collection of ceramic tiles and ceramic granite...

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Presentation of "soft tub"


January 20, in the shopping center «Sampsonievsky» will be a presentation of the new plumbing equipment «Soft Bath».

Soft Bath - it is absolutely new dimension of comfort. The advantages of soft

Bath Soft Bath:
- smooth and soft surface, which provides extraordinary comfort;
- high insulation (within 10 - 15 minutes, lowering the temperature at 1 degree);
-- the effect of amortization for safety with a possible fall;
- excellent performance on noise insulation and shumopoglascheniyu;
- high-tech materials to ensure quality and durability of the soft bath.

The product consists of 4 separate layers:
- 1 layer. The surface plotted in 10 layers, has excellent color, lingering a long time, and looks natural and brilliant. The flexibility of the surface layer varies depending on the temperature of the water in the bath, bath reaches optimum softness, with a temperature of 37 - 42 S.
- 2 layer. This layer is an essential part of soft bathtubs. It is attached to the 1 st layer coating and complements it, giving the 1 st layer of strength, flexibility and elasticity. 2nd layer has excellent protection against external attack.
3 layer. It consists of soft polyurethane layer and creates a special feeling of comfort and coziness that make a soft bath is truly unique. 3rd layer allows the surface to take the necessary form for greater convenience when taking baths.
4 layer. Made with the use of fiberglasa. It creates a rigid frame and retains the basic form of the product.

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